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How To Earn Over 13% Per Annum Using SafeLock

It requires a great amount of discipline to put money aside and not touch it. But summarily, it’s always better to avoid the temptation to take a loan to meet certain responsibilities when you can simply plan properly and put aside some money periodically.

On PiggyVest today, we have 3 major savings plans:

  • Piggybank — 10% p.a paid monthly
  • Target Savings — 8% p.a paid daily
  • SafeLock — 6% to 12.5% p.a paid upfront

Let’s tell you about Safelock…

SafeLock is the fixed savings option on PiggyVest and it works exactly like fixed deposits or treasury bills; but way simpler and more flexible. It involves putting an amount of money aside which cannot be accessed until a set date.

How does it work?

  • Login to your PiggyVest dashboard. Click “Invest” under the SafeLock tab.
  • Enter a Title and Payback date.
  • Fund your SafeLock directly from your debit card, PiggyFlex or PiggyBank
  • You can get started with as low as N1000 for a minimum of 10days.

The interest you get on your SafeLock depends on the duration and is paid upfront. For 90 days and above, any amount you SafeLock attracts an interest of 10 to 12.5% annually. However, if you select a duration less than 90days, you get 6 to 9% per annum.

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You can create many safelocks for different goals and name them exactly what you are investing towards. For example, You can create a safelock and call it “Rent” or another that you can call ”education funds” or “Tolu’s Wedding”.


It is very important to note that funds SafeLocked CANNOT be reversed or broken. This helps you to fight the temptation to touch your investments.

For Safelocks set for less than 90 days, funds mature into your PiggyBank savings (which is bound by the quarterly withdrawal), and if greater than 90 days, it matures into your PiggyFlex which you can access immediately for free.

How secure is my money?

Funds are invested in fixed income risk-free assets (Treasury Bills, Government Bonds etc), the safest forms of investment that currently exist in Nigeria.

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