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Lead Talks: Daniel Orubo Talks Building PiggyVest’s Content Team From Scratch

In 2021, Daniel Orubo was hired to build PiggyVest’s content department from scratch. Nearly two years later, our varied content efforts — ranging from story-led blogposts to relatable animated videos — have been a success, reaching millions of people around Nigeria. For Lead Talks, Daniel shares his thoughts on the importance of content marketing and why PiggyVest was the right fit for him.

What is content marketing? 

There are a number of definitions, but the one I have stuck with is: Content marketing is the process of using entertaining and educative content to draw potential users in and keep the existing ones engaged with your product and company. 

Marketers always say content is king, and that makes sense when you realise just how diverse and essential content is. When I think about content, I’m not just thinking about blog posts, it includes newsletters, social posts, the copy on your website and so much more. They all play a part.

How important is content marketing to a brand? 

It’s very important. I mean, I am a content marketer so I have to think it’s very important. [Laughs]. Before I got the job, I wrote a pitch about why PiggyVest needs to invest in content to further widen its reach. My bosses saw the vision and gave me a shot. Looking at the numbers across the board, I think it’s been a solid investment so far. 

The beautiful thing about content marketing is that it can take many shapes. With PiggyVest, we focus on relatable stories and teachable moments, and they come in the form of interviews, comics, animated clips and more. Another content marketer might decide to use more serious blog posts about finance, and that’s just as valid. There are many options to play with.

When you look at the comments on our animated clips and comics, you see people saying things like “This is so funny and real; this is why I love PiggyVest.” That is an example of content marketing having the effect it’s meant to have. So, yeah, I think it’s really important to constantly engage your users and prospects with content that feels true to your brand. 

What is it about PiggyVest that makes it easy for you to express yourself as a content marketer? 

It feels really good to work for a company that is already perceived as cool. One of the reasons PiggyVest always feels so “plugged in” is because of the (really cool) people that work here. I was a fan of the brand long before I got this job. I used to see all the hilarious social media posts, and I also remember how excited people would get whenever PiggyVest sent out a cheeky push notification. 

More importantly, I enjoy working for PiggyVest because it fits my creative sensibilities. Coming from leading editorial at Zikoko, I have seen firsthand the benefit of leading with storytelling, and being able to be funny on command and serious when the need arises. PiggyVest also values and supports experimentation, which is every creative’s dream. 

What’s a hectic day like for you? 

A hectic day for me is when I have too many meetings, but that’s what comes with being a team lead. If I had a choice, I would cancel every meeting longer than 30 minutes and just focus on doing the work — which could be anything from editing a script to working on a pitch for a new project. Since I enjoy creating and ideating, I don’t find that part of my job hectic at all; no matter how much of it I might have to do in a day.

Would you say that your least favourite part about working is having to engage people? 

Hmm. While I love the hell out of my team, my least favourite part is having to be a manager because it’s hard for me. I try my best to be a good manager, and I hope I am, but managing people makes me incredibly anxious. I’m constantly asking myself, “Am I doing right by them?” “Am I overworking them this week?” “Should I have rejected that pitch?”

At the start of my career, I thought I would only ever focus on creating content, but now I have to manage and support others as they create content. I have to make sure that my biases don’t affect how I give them feedback on their work. 

Someone on my team could work on something, and while it might not be how I would have done it, I believe my job is to help make it the best possible version of itself, not turn it into my version of the thing. I think that’s what a good manager does. It’s rewarding, but as an oversabi, constantly fighting the urge to say “I’ll do it myself” is my least favourite part.

Any advice for people who aren’t sure they will excel as content marketers?

I think if you are a creative and thoughtful person, you can excel at content marketing. When I wanted to transition from media to tech, I thought it would be such a drastic leap. But beyond learning the lingo and some clever processes, what all the online courses I completed taught me was that creativity is always the driving force. Create good content and it will sell itself.

So, don’t be scared. I know tech can feel very daunting, but it’s a lot less intimidating when you’re in it. Just start and learn as you work.

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