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Life After Retirement: 5 Nigerians Share The Ups And Downs

Life after retirement is usually perceived as a happy and stress-free period with very little to worry about. However, that’s not always the reality for everyone. 

Some retirees are miserable because their post-retirement era came with less financial stability and more boredom. In contrast, others are having the time of their life as they’re living off their children, depending on personal dividends from savings and investments, or pursuing their passions. 

We spoke to some Nigerian retirees to learn how life has been for them since they retired. Here is what they had to say. 

“I feel depressed and abandoned” — Koinyan, Retired CEO 

Post-retirement is the freest I have been all my life. Unfortunately, I feel depressed and abandoned because my children and wife don’t speak to me. My wife left me to stay with the children in the US and cut ties with me. 

Recently, one of the kids gave birth, but I don’t know what the newborn looks like. So while I’m financially comfortable, I can’t help but live each moment regretting how work made me emotionally and physically unavailable for my kids and wife. 

“I rely on the dividends from my investments” — Kolawole, Retired Lawyer 

While working as a lawyer, I saved regularly and invested in stocks and real estate. Now I’m retired, I simply rely on the dividends from those savings and investments. This has gone so well that I rarely need to collect money from my children, even though they’re successful. 

I also have a lot of free time on my hands. However, I look forward to volunteering for pro bono assignments as I’m fast getting bored. 

“I have cried more than I have laughed” — Chinyere, Retired Public School Teacher

Since retirement, I’ve cried more than I have laughed. I worked as a teacher in a public school and gave birth in my late 40s. My husband, a public servant, died a few years before I retired. Right now, I depend on my irregular pension to survive and care for my child, an undergraduate student.

My ajo and loans from friends keep me afloat, particularly in months when the government owes me pension. 

“My life has been miserable and debt-filled” — Jonathan, Retired Public Servant  

My life has been miserable since I retired. I would have probably saved and invested more if I could foreshadow this moment. While working, I took lots of loans to keep up with my family’s expensive lifestyle at the time. I keep paying that debt to this day. I would have gotten help from my children, but they aren’t financially stable. My wife also depends on a pension plan. My strong relationship with God is the only thing keeping me sane. 

“Life has been much more fulfilling” — Wunmi, Retired Banker

I don’t think I ever retired. Because after my official retirement, I established my charity organisation, and life has been much more fulfilling. Each day, I wake up and do what I genuinely love: transforming people’s lives. I’m also enjoying the fruits of my labor as my children excel in their career paths and spoil me. My effort as a single parent didn’t go to waste after all.

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