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The Cost Of Getting Fit

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Many gym enthusiasts would agree that committing to the fitness lifestyle is the best decision they’ve ever made. It’s a new year, and many more people have resolved to get fit. The real question is, besides the physical commitment, what are the financial implications of this journey?

We spoke to professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts about the cost of fitness, so if you’re committed to a healthier lifestyle, then you want to read this.

Top 6 requirements for fitness newbies

1. Gym subscription and membership

Some people enjoy home workouts, but the fitness folks agree that working out in a gym increases your chances of reaching your fitness goals. Eveh, a fitness enthusiast, tells us that she used to work out from home with an app but had to move to a gym. 

“Home workouts can only do so much for you without weights. I didn’t have the tools at home, so I found a nearby gym and registered,” she said. Her monthly gym subscription is ₦15,000, while the one-time membership fee was ₦7,000. “The membership grants you access to every branch of the gym,” she said. 

If you’re a newbie, you want to have between ₦20,000 and ₦25,000 for a gym sub. Remember to take advantage of package deals and discounts. 


2. Personal trainer

Markwayne has been a professional trainer for five years. He tells us that the most important thing to consider when starting your fitness journey is to find a good trainer and work with them for at least three months. “Fitness isn’t a short term commitment. If you want sustainable results, I recommend at least three months with a good personal trainer,” he said

Markwayne charges ₦150,000 for three sessions a week for three months. This includes access to his gym. Training in another location attracts an extra charge. Eveh tells us that she pays ₦17,000 for four sessions a week, but other options, like ₦20,000 for five sessions a week, are available. 

3. Supplements 

Everyone we spoke to agreed that supplements are the most expensive purchase yet. Williams, who has been training since 2019, tells us that newbies need these two major supplements: the pre-workout supplement and the post-workout supplement. “People who are just starting need the extra energy to go on with their workout; that’s what the pre-workout supplements provide. The post-workout supplements are for recovering and repair,” he said. 

Eveh bought her pre-workout supplement and protein powder for ₦16,000 and ₦17,000, respectively. William went from buying post-workout supplements for ₦20,000 to ₦30,000, and now, he pays ₦40,000 for them. Daniel, who is just starting, said they cost ₦50,000. The cost of supplements ranges from ₦15,000 to ₦50,000, depending on the type, brand, size and place of purchase.

4. Diet

Fitness is a combination of working out and dieting. To achieve his fitness goal of becoming a core bodybuilder, Markwayne tells us he eats 5-6 times a day and spends at least ₦30,000 on food weekly. Since dieting differs based on individual goals, different diet plans exist.

Eveh tells us that she had to cut down on her meal portions and increase her protein intake. “I believe the gym is 30% of the work, and dieting is 70%. My diet is mostly protein-based, I eat a lot of fish, eggs, beans, and I ration my meals,” she said. 

Depending on what you decide to train for, dieting is one expense you should watch out for. 


5. Gym wear

Although gym wear is usually anything you’re comfortable in, some people recommend getting outfits specifically for working out. If you’re looking to get high-end brands, you should probably start a target saving. Gym wear isn’t cheap. 

William has hacked the system by repurposing his old Nike shoes for the gym. Eveh thrifts most of her outfits from the market, and Markwayne believes anything you wear works. 

If you’re thrifting, you can spend ₦20,000 to ₦30,000 on gym clothes. However, getting name brand could cost you between ₦50,000 and ₦150,000.

6. Gym tools

Gloves, gym bags, waist trainers, waist lifting belts, resistance bands, mats and the likes are part of the fitness expenses. Although you might not need everything listed above, your trainer might recommend some of them to you. While some help with form, others work as safety measures.

The prices for these items differ based on brands and purchase location. A branded glove could go for over ₦25,000, but a similar glove cost ₦5,000 in the market. The important thing is to source these materials in places that fit your budget. 

Benefits of working out

  1. Confidence boost: Markwayne admits feeling 110% at all times. Science studies have linked exercise with the release of feel-good hormones. Seeing the results of your workout can greatly reduce self-esteem problems tied to body perception. 
  1. Strength: Lifting weight over time makes your body stronger. Those stairs that left you huffing and puffing will become nothing in the face of your new strength. 
  1. A healthier body: The fitness life leaves you with a healthier body. People who work out regularly are rarely ill as their body builds stamina and immunity. 
  1. Good posture: Some exercises focus on strengthening your core. Over time, you develop the strength to keep a straight back and stop slouching. 

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