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The Simpler Path To Financial Freedom — Piggyvest 4.0

Our mission has always been to make financial services as simple, transparent and clear as possible.

Iterating to stay true to our vision and mission is our priority. After our transition from Piggybank to Piggyvest, it became increasingly clear that a design overhaul was necessary to continue to make good on our mission.

In May 2019, as a team, we came to the decision to kickoff a complete brand refresh, including a brand new mobile app redesigned from the ground-up using a much better infrastructure.

We began with redefining the entire brand and visual communication system to reflect our vision and purpose for helping people manage their funds effectively. Have a look here.


With our brand guide, we had a foundational template upon which every new update could sit, including the redesign of the app.

Feedback was Key

We hosted 3 community events (Open House) in Lagos and Abuja (See photos), where we have the largest concentration of our users in Nigeria, and we spent time understanding how they use the current app, the setbacks and all the things they would love in the new app.

We went back to the drawing board armed with information from our users and our vision for a new path to financial freedom. Today, we created a beautiful and extremely functional tool to help you manage your finances,we can’t wait to see how you’ll use it.

Here’s a summary of what to expect…

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Look, Feel and Ease of Navigation

The new app embodies our new design language, bearing a new visual theme, typography and colour scheme. You should spot the unique property on the edges of our buttons and boxes.

More importantly, our new app interface makes your experience easier, with a navigation that gives you less to process at once. Savings? Then you see your features on that. Investment? There you go. This is unlike before when you had everything in one view. The new app is a simpler walk through the different things you can do while giving you the power to choose with ease and get to, exactly what you want to do.


We decided to roll out the updates on all the features in phases to help you understand each of the features clearly. In summary,

Piggybank: CreditLine, a new way to access funds from your Piggybank.

Target Savings: Withdraw once you hit your Target.

SafeLock: All SafeLocks now return to Flex.

Flex: get your own Flex account number with ease


We took this to a new level by introducing “To Do List”. This is particularly helpful for people who haven’t completely onboarded. It guides you on everything you need to do on the app to enjoy your experience. It also goes further to help you meet all your savings and investments goals using an algorithm that tracks your activity and matches it with your goals to ensure you remain accountable.

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4X Faster and Lighter

This is one of our biggest wins. Speed and Storage were extremely important considering the nature of smartphone users in Nigeria and we successfully reduced the apps from 28MB on Android and 55MB on iOS to:

Android: 5–7MB

On iOS: 15.5MB

We have also added some new members to our expanding Engineering team to enable us serve you better and help you manage your money better.



Your security is our first priority, and with this in mind, we added the Fingerprint/FaceID login feature,as well as the ability to hide all your balances. So, you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping in on your account balance anymore. You can enable/disable this at anytime directly on the app when you click “account”

In summary

When you think about Piggyvest, it’s your money companion, it’s an app that helps you save responsibly, invest and grow your money with ease. Therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure your experience keeps getting better. There’s a whole lot we have lined up and can’t wait to share. So, sit tight, we’re just getting started…

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