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What Do Nigerians Want For Christmas?

Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing screams joy like gifts — who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? As kids, new clothes, toys and jollof rice were guaranteed. As adults, bills and responsibilities have taken priority. 

In the spirit of the holiday, we asked Nigerians to tell us what they want for the festive season (and how much it costs), and here’s what they had to say.

 1. MacBook Air

I want a laptop (any kind) because I’m in my final year and need it for my project. If I had to choose, I’d get a MacBook Air because I want to pursue a career in tech. Unfortunately, it cost ₦500,000, and my budget is ₦200,000 to ₦250,000. — Cynthia


2. Canon 50mm lens

I want ₦70,000 for my annual subscription for professional courses and ₦190,000 for a canon 50mm 1.4 lens. — Udeme.

3. Pink iPhone 13 

I want the Pink iPhone 13, it costs ₦550,000. I’ll most likely get it for myself. — Funmi.

4. My ex

I want my ex-girlfriend back. We recently broke up, and I miss her. I’m willing to spend whatever it takes. — Malik.


5. HP Laptop

A new laptop, specifically the Hp Spectre 360. It cost about ₦675,000. I have to wait till next year when I’ve sorted my rent, so I don’t sleep at Apo bridge. — Nenye.

6. Gucci Knit Polo

The £800 Gucci knit polo if God provides funds. Realistically, I’m getting the iPhone 13 going for £700. It’s cheaper for me because I can pay in instalments. — Peter.

7. A miracle

I want a miracle. My nephew is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant, and while the money is available, his recovery isn’t guaranteed. If he gets through this, I’d be okay. — Ebube.

8. Pixel 6 Pro

I want the Pixel 6 Pro; it costs about $899. The plan is to start a gofundme in case people want to contribute. — Israel.

9. Wig 

There’s a wig I want, but it’s ₦315,000. I can afford it, but I’m hoping to scam a friend into paying for it. — Sharon.


10. Gym Accessories 

I want a gymshark or Nike gift card to buy gym clothes and accessories. That’s roughly $1000. I also want the AirPods Pro Max, it’s ₦280,000. — Zara. 

11. Three wishes 

I want three things. A job in Legal or as a Customer Service Representative. A sum of ₦50,000 for skincare, haircare and new clothes. Finally, €25,000 for my master’s degree. — Joann.

 12. Japa visa 

What I can afford is a new phone. I’m thinking of getting the Redmi Note 10 Pro — it’s about ₦150,000 — but what I really want for Christmas is Japa visa. That costs about £3,000. — Elliot.


13. Rose gold cuban

I want a rose gold Cuban, 18 grams. It goes for ₦500,000. I most likely won’t get it this holiday, but it’s something I really want. — Rotimi.

14. A break

I need a break. I’ve been working hard all year, and I want to rest. The cost of the break is about ₦820,000 minus taxes. That’s how much I stand to lose from my current job if I take a break. — Abubakar

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