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Money Hack: ‘I Have Multiple Sources Of Income’

Money Hack is a weekly series that asks real Nigerians to share a money hack — for saving, investing or spending — that they swear by.

For this week’s episode Money Hack, Dami Bello, a 27-year-old business consultant, talks about her various sources of income and how that hack helps her do what she loves most: helping small businesses grow. 

What’s your money hack? 

I have multiple sources of income. I’m very active, so it’s easy to channel all that energy into things that give me money. 

It’s funny because I wasn’t always like this. I used to spend a lot. I still do, but now I have more money to save and help others.

What are your sources of income?

Firstly, I work with Flutterwave as a small business growth partner. There, I provide advice on how to improve their products for small businesses. Secondly, I work with a lot of organisations trying to build tools for e-commerce. 

Finally, my father supports me with an allowance every month. 

Wait, your dad is a source of income too?

In a way, yes. He is very supportive of everything I do. I’m still in school trying to bag a Masters degree, so every time I let him know I have a project, he funds it. When I recently had the Flutterwave trade fair, I was supposed to come from school to Lagos. When I casually mentioned it to him, he sent me some money.

When did you start pushing for multiple sources of income?

It started in 2018. Before then, I was a full-time daddy’s girl. I knew something had to change, and that was on me. 

I started noticing business handles on the TL. So, whenever someone asked for recommendations, I would reply with handles I had patronised and verified. Things just grew from there. 

I created a page that helps people find credible vendors for their varied needs. Also, I don’t charge vendors for promoting their business. As long as they are credible, they get a shoutout.  

That’s great. How has this hack helped you?

I am really big on giving back and helping SMEs. By having multiple incomes, I have been able to help as many people as possible. I give money to whoever needs it and provide grants to encourage SMEs. 

Asides from that, my hack has ensured that the money in my account never goes below ₦1.4 million. Once it starts reducing, I am gingered to double my hustle and pump it back up. 

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