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Six Figure: I Went From ₦10K/Month To ₦1.1 Million/Month In A Year

Six Figure is a biweekly PiggyVest series that focuses on how real Nigerians achieved dramatic income growth that made them millionaires.

For this week’s episode of Six Figure, we spoke to a content marketer who grew from earning ₦10,000/month to ₦1.1 million/month in her current job. She tells us how she managed to do this in less than a year, and what other people can do to earn six figures. 

What was your first job and the salary? 

That’s a tricky question. 

How so? 

Because my first full-time job is still my current job, except you count my PPA (in NYSC), where I got paid ₦5,000. 

Haha. Tell me about how you landed your first job.

After NYSC, I tried selling clothes. Shortly after, I got into event planning. All this was because I had no interest in getting a full-time job until after my master’s. 

What changed your mind then? 



Yes. COVID happened, and I couldn’t process my admission. This forced me to consider building a digital skill, and since I had always had a flair for writing, I took up copywriting. It took a while for me to become profitable; I didn’t get any clients until the end of 2020. 

After getting the hang of copywriting, I decided to switch to SaaS (Software As A Service) writing. But since I had no prior experience, I applied for an internship at my current workplace. 

What was the initial payment? 

₦10,000 [laughs]. 

And what do you earn now? 

₦1.1 million. 

Interesting! Please break down your income increase over the years. 

Between February to August 2021, I earned ₦10k monthly as an intern. 

Then in September 2021, I became a full-time staff, earning $500 (this was ₦250k at the time). Fast forward to December 2021, I got promoted to an executive position, increasing my pay to $1000. 

Back in March 2022, there was a company-wide salary increase, doubling my $1000 base pay to $2000, which I currently earn. 

Oh wow. Given your progress, it’s safe to expect another increase soon. 

Maybe [Laughs]

The constant income increase must have changed your life, yes? 

It definitely has, but I don’t think I’m earning as much as I want to. My dream income is at least $100k yearly. Nonetheless, my “small” income increase has made me capable of affording the things I want comfortably. I’m faring better than I was a year ago. 

What do you think is your most valuable skill? 

My ability to weave words into valuable pieces of content. 

Ever had a career mentor/coach? 

Yes, I did while I was learning copywriting. I learnt a lot from them. But at the moment, no. 

Any particular reason why? 

I have people I admire and would love to mentor me, but I haven’t had the courage to approach them. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to earn six figures? 

First, think in terms of dollars, not naira. Then learn a skill that is in demand and be insanely great at it by devoting yourself to that skill. Also, be proactive and build relationships with your peers and those ahead of you. 

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