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Six Figure: I Went From ₦30k/Month To ₦1.1Million/Month In 5 Years

six figure

Six Figure is a biweekly PiggyVest series that focuses on how real Nigerians achieved dramatic income growth, making them millionaires.

For this week’s episode of Six Figure, we spoke to a business application consultant who makes around ₦1.1million monthly. He talks about pushing himself to leave a redundant career path and shares a few things he’s learnt in his journey. 

What was your first actual job?

I was a support system administrator at one of the top companies in Nigeria that deal in automobiles and their supplies. 

And what year was this?


What was your job description?

My job was to ensure that every IT-related tool — computers, networks, connectivity, and ERP application — was up and running for the ease of day-to-day business. 

How long were you with them?

I joined them not long before I had to go for NYSC. I was able to work my posting to Lagos and back to the company, so I served there and spent a few more months after NYSC with them before I finally left.

From the time I first started working there till the time I left, it was around two years. 

How much did you earn?

When I first joined, I was paid ₦7,500 a week as a casual staff member. That’s ₦30k a month. That arrangement was sustained the entire NYSC period. Then for the three months post-NYSC that I stayed with them, I was converted to contract staff, and my salary became ₦45k.

Why did you leave?

I had to leave because I couldn’t see much career growth in that space. But I hadn’t quite figured out what I could do. I had even taken a network administrator course, but I could not afford to write my certification exam. 


Yeah. So this was where the stars aligned in my favour. The company used Microsoft Navision 2009 software as their ERP software. And to me, it was such an extensive and impressive tool. In mid-2017, a major project was ongoing to upgrade from NAV 2009 to 2016, and they hired an ERP consulting company to do this.

I was fascinated by the consultant that came to implement this upgrade. To me, he seemed to know everything about everything. We became friends during this implementation, and I told him I would like to pursue the same career path as him. 

He gave me some pointers and encouraged me to apply for a graduate trainee opening at his company. He was confident in my abilities, but I still needed about ₦500k to buy a good laptop and ₦250k to pay for the programme. In April 2018, I was ready. I applied, got in, and graduated top two in my class.

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Congratulations! So, that’s how you became a business application consultant?

Yes. I was immediately made an entry-level consultant.

Are you still with them?

Yes. Five years in September.

Time flies. What’s your role now?

I’m a senior consultant. But I also do some freelance consulting. You know, Nigeria and all.

What does being a senior consultant entail?

I have to lead multiple projects concurrently. I train a lot: clients, graduate trainees, and sometimes, colleagues. I deploy Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to multinationals both at home and abroad. Wow. Saying it now just lets me know how far I’ve come.

So cool. How much do you make now?

My salary is my primary source of income. I earn ₦1.1 million. Freelance gigs aren’t always constant, but I can charge anywhere from ₦2 million upwards, depending on the nature of the job. 

What skills did you have to hone to get to where you are now?

It involved a lot of personal development and sleepless nights. I had to grow my problem-solving skills, as 99% of my job is solution oriented. Then I had to sharpen my communication and public speaking skills, in order to speak confidently to the upper management of different conglomerates and people from different nationalities. 

Did your new skills get noticed? 

Ah yes. Very much, a little too much even. I’m really a high-flying employee and I suspect I’m being groomed for a management position. God, abeg. [Laughs.]

What inspires your career?

Honestly, I’m driven by the future I want to build for my family. My mum, my siblings, my wife. I just want a good life. 

Does this mean you’re good with your money?

This one is complicated. But I’ll say yes. I’m a breadwinner for multiple families, so I have a lot of expenses that take my money. But I’ll say I’m good with money because I know I make the best use of it. Plus, I have savings and I’m never in debt. 

What advice would you give people who want to earn six figures in your line of work?

Just pick something and stick with it. At least that’s my experience. You will not see the results in a day, but when you look back, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come. Growth is neither linear nor magic. It requires consistency and grit and lots of discomfort. But if you’re willing to do the work, then you’ll be successful.

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