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What Do Nigerian Employees Want Besides A Raise?

While a great salary is good to have, research proves it’s not enough to make employees satisfied with their jobs. For instance, a survey by Glassdoor revealed 80% of employees prefer additional benefits over a raise. 

So, we asked a few Nigerian employees to tell us the benefits they’d appreciate.

“A 2-month leave is all I want” — Victoria, Content Marketer

We work way too hard in my company, so a 2-month leave is the benefit I truly want. I want to be able to give my best without burning out. I’ll give my all to my organisation if I can get this. 

“I’d love a Macbook, HMO package, and sponsored Coursera courses” — Tobi, Software Engineer

More than a great salary, I’d love to get a Macbook, sponsored Coursera courses and an HMO package. I’m also a gym rat, so it’d be nice for my company to sponsor my gym membership. Even though I’m a job hopper, I can give at least two years of my career to a company if I get these benefits. 

“I want WFH, gym and therapy stipends” — Angelo, Product Manager

As a remote worker, my work will be much more productive if I can get a work from home stipend in the form of data allowance and gadget maintenance. Also, regular exercise is good for your health, so a gym subscription wouldn’t be bad as well. 

I know this might sound weird, but I’d love to get a mental health stipend, as I face personal issues that inevitably affect my output. Sponsoring my therapy to solve these issues would go a long way. There’s no way I won’t fully commit to a company that cares about my overall well-being. 

“All I need is a workspace and professional development allowance” — Faith, Comms Specialist

I’m not asking for much. All I need is a workspace and professional development allowance. 

I like to work in coworking spaces because they have fewer distractions and more networking opportunities. But this comes at a cost, so I’d love it if my company could handle it. Also, not worrying about the financial requirement of my professional development will make it easier for me to concentrate.

“I’d love it if my company took care of my lunch and gym membership” — Dami, Content Strategist

My company gives great bonuses and allowances, but I’ve been a bit salty since I learnt that before I joined the company (and before we became fully remote) they used to take care of everyone’s lunch — bring in different meal options and everything.

It would be nice if they brought that back with lunch stipends since we all work from home now. I would also love it if they took care of my gym membership; I hate the idea of having to pay to suffer in a gym. Plus, I would probably start working out more if someone else paid. I might never leave the company if they do this. 

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