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7 Users Share How PiggyVest Has Improved Their Lives

PiggyVest is 7! That’s 7 years of bringing value to our customers and helping Nigerians save while building financial discipline. We are beyond proud of your growth (and ours). And we thank all of our 4m+ customers for sticking with us through the years!

To celebrate our anniversary, we asked 7 users to share with us how PiggyVest helped them accomplish their goals. We hope their stories inspire you to save more and to be more! 

“I enrolled in a photography class and got a bigger camera” — Barnabas, Photographer.

I started using PiggyVest in January 2019, after my sister told me about the platform. I was a fresh graduate without cash, so I opened the account and saved ₦5k. After some time, I received interest on that ₦5k. It felt so good that I began sending referrals to my friends and family.

I was fortunate to stay with my aunt during NYSC, so saving was kinda easy. I really wanted to change my phone at the time, and I was able to save up for it from September 2019 to January 2020. In February, I bought a phone to use for photography and gaming. It was ₦70k.

After my service year, I didn’t get a job early enough, so I found myself spending all the money I’d saved. But I soon got a job and began saving again. Every little money I received went straight to my PiggyVest account. I wrote a list of things I wanted to get; a camera and laptop were at the top of the list. 

In 2022 alone, I got a point-and-shoot camera. Then I enrolled in a photography class and got a bigger camera: a Fujifilm X-T100. I got a few photo gigs and was able to get a Flash and a trigger. It was time to get a new laptop. To God be the glory, I was able to get one. All these happened with the help of PiggyVest. 

“With PiggyVest, I cashed out over ₦1m” — Ayooluwa, Baker. 

I heard about PiggyVest from my cousin around 2018. At the time, I was spending both my business capital and the interest. I needed something to help track my profit and save for the future.

I downloaded the PiggyVest app and saved ₦1k weekly. For the first two months, it was hard because I wasn’t used to it. Sometimes I would skip a week or two, but anytime I remembered all the goals I set for myself, I would go back to it. From saving weekly, I started saving every three days, then it became a daily affair. I wanted to open a cake studio and get an apartment after school. And PiggyVest helped me immensely. By the time I finished school, I had saved a lot of money. With PiggyVest, I have cashed out over ₦1m. 

Even now that I have a thriving business and an apartment, I still use the app. It’s been five whole years, and I’ve never had any issues with my money or feared that my money isn’t safe.

“I bought my first car, thanks to PiggyVest” — Amaka, Content Creator and Entrepreneur.

I learned about PiggyVest sometime in 2018. I had just moved to Lagos from Benin. Among my NYSC friends, it was all the buzz. 

The first amount I put in PiggyVest was ₦15k. That was in November 2018. Subsequently, I started doing ₦5k every week or whenever I got money. Then when I started working, I made sure to save almost 60% of my earnings. I’m also an influencer, so I do the same whenever I get paid for gigs or from my business. Fast forward to last year, I bought my first car, thanks to PiggyVest! I also save my rent and travel funds on the app. 

Thank you PiggyVest! You’ve helped me achieve countless financial goals. I love reading my WAEC results every year to see how I manage my personal finances. I think it’s a really great product!

“I was able to start my clothing business using PiggyVest” — Deborah, Businesswoman. 

I’ve been using PiggyVest since 2019. Back then, PET drinks were still being sold for ₦100 and my roommates would drink as much as four in a day. I told them that instead of spending all this money on unhealthy drinks, we could limit ourselves to one drink a day and when the craving hit, we would save the money instead of indulging. 

So they started saving ₦100 daily with me. Then I would take all that money and keep it in my Piggybank. That was how I started my Ajo (thrift contribution) business. Then COVID hit. Some people took their money back, so there were just a few of us left. When the lockdown was lifted, I was posted to Abeokuta. It was then I decided to start my clothing business. This was in 2021, and it was my first time actually withdrawing my own money from my Piggybank. With the money I had saved, I was able to purchase clothes to sell. 

Last year, I registered both my clothes and thrift contribution business as one, and now I have people from all walks of life, saving with me. The saving duration is six months to a year, so I use Safelock to preserve their money until it’s time to cash out. And I still use PiggyVest to keep track of my profit and be accountable to myself.

“I paid my second-year fees with PiggyVest” — Olajumoke, Entrepreneur.

The very first time I heard about PiggyVest was on Twitter, in 2019. I checked the features of the app and saw that I could lock away funds without touching it, and that’s exactly what I needed. I started by putting money in my Piggybank. 

My first goal was to get myself an oven. I couldn’t meet up with that, but I could see the usefulness of the app as days went by. In 2020, I went for my NYSC and decided to start saving for my master’s degree. My plan was to survive on my federal allawee and save my state allawee. 

It wasn’t hard since I was staying at home. I did this for a year until I had enough saved up to start processing my degree without disturbing my parents. I bought the form and paid my acceptance fee; I only needed their help to complete the fees. Being an entrepreneur, I used PiggyVest to save parts of my profit and that sustained me. I paid my second-year fees with PiggyVest, too. I still use PiggyVest to this day, because it helps me save towards little and big goals. The PiggyVest app is like my saving grace. 

“I was able to save up for a MacBook” — Seun, Product Manager.

I’ve known PiggyVest for like 5 years. A friend told me about it, and in mid-2021, I decided to try it out. I would save 20-25% of my income monthly in my Piggybank; I’d do the same for side gigs. I also do a lot of target savings, to which I allocate specific amounts. 

There’s one I like to call my Education Trust Fund, which is dedicated to personal development. From there, I registered for a diploma course that costs over ₦100k. Another of those target savings was for a MacBook, which I got in December last year. I also got a passport. PiggyVest has helped me in critical times.

Beyond saving, I’ve even done some investments on PiggyVest that yielded good returns. I find it fascinating and swift. The interface and experience are great!

“By the end of NYSC, I had ₦1.3 million in savings” — Ibukun, Writer and Entrepreneur. 

I heard about PiggyVest in my third year of uni. My friend told me to download the app so I could use her referral code. I did, but the app sat unused in my phone for a while. But as my final year approached, I decided it was time to take my savings seriously so I could have something to fall back on when I graduated.

I started with auto-saving ₦2k weekly. It wasn’t hard. With time I increased it to ₦3k weekly. Anytime I got some extra money, I would QuickSave that instead of splurging. I continued this way until I concluded my final year. By this time I had ₦400k in savings. I was so proud! That motivated me to continue.

I was also running a business in school, and so I used the Flex feature to separate my profit from my capital. I would split my running costs in two: keep one half and my capital in my bank account, and then I would keep the second half of my running cost alongside my profit in my Flex account. It kept me accountable. 

Going into NYSC I told myself I would be prudent with my allawee. My goal was to have ₦1m at the end of the year. After paying my tithe and deducting some money for bills here and there, I quick-saved the rest. By the time the service year came to an end, I had ₦1.3 million in savings! 

I was venturing into no-code tech, so I got myself a new laptop. I paid for the remainder of my classes and spoiled myself with like ₦100k. Some of the money is sitting in my Flex. It’s easier to access since I’m still job hunting. 

To me, PiggyVest is more than a savings app. I wouldn’t change anything about it. PiggyVest not only saves you money, it also saves you as a person!  

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