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Introducing The”Pocket by PiggyVest” App

It’s been 6 years since we started this journey to give everyone the power to manage their finances. With about 4 million users, we remain passionate about seeking new and creative ways to add more value to the lives of our users.

Today, after over a year of development, we officially introduce to you the “Pocket by PiggyVest” app. 

What is this new app again? 

“Pocket by PiggyVest” is a social commerce and payments app targeted at savers and business owners.

For business owners on PiggyVest, PocketApp helps you earn extra income by providing features that allow you to sell your products or services and get paid easily.

PocketApp ensures 4x more sales (real customer payments) than other channels. Business owners can now:

  • Create multiple shops from their personal PocketApp account.
  • Receive unlimited payments at ZERO% commissions.
  • Promote products and services to millions of customers who have cash. 
  • Sell with confidence without the fear of being scammed by customers — using escrow.

For PiggyVest customers, PocketApp ensures you get the best prices for items you were already saving towards. You now securely have access to various products and services with both parties protected via PocketApp’s inbuilt secure escrow system. Customers can now:

  • Access unlimited items from a wide range of sellers or providers.
  • Fast and secure payments to any seller without the fear of being scammed — using escrow.
  • Superfast credit alerts of your PiggyVest withdrawals.
  • Easily create joint accounts with 2 – 100 participants. Perfect for couples or even hosting Ajo contributions.
  • And sure, like any other finance app — pay bills, transfer to any bank account and more. 

Why should I get Pocket App right away? 

PiggyVest becomes significantly more valuable to you when you also use the “Pocket by PiggyVest” app.

We believe that combining your savings and investment records with your earning and spending makes it possible for you to eventually access truly responsible credit.

How do I get PocketApp? 

Click HERE to download or search “Pocket by PiggyVest” on the Appstore or Playstore. You can also sign up with one-click from your PiggyVest dashboard, which we recommend.

It’s still early stages, and we’re fixing and updating daily, but we’d like to build with your feedback, so please try it out and let us know your thoughts or questions. Click here to give your feedback or ask questions.

We will also be having a Twitter Spaces discussion to hear your feedback and answer some of your most pressing questions about PocketApp tomorrow, 6th of July, by 7 PM on Twitter @piggybankng.

PiggyVest and its products will remain the most efficient place to protect and grow your money. We are working on a significant revamp of the PiggyVest app (new features coming!) and more diversified investment asset classes.

There’s so much left to do, and we’re committed to making it a reality!

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