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#MeetAPiggybankSaver: Nenye

Every month, we shine a spotlight on one saver, asking them questions about their savings culture and how the product is specifically helping them shape how they spend and save for future responsibilities. Everyone has a different use for Piggybank, and honestly, it’s a delight!

So, here we go. Meet Nenye.


What do you do?

I’m a Market Representative

When did you start saving on Piggybank?

Sometime last year,can’t remember the exact month.

What are you saving towards?

Two things actually. Rent and a device.

What do you spend most of your income on?

Food. And perfumes. And food. Did I say food already?

What would you like to stop spending money on?

I want to say Food but God forbid. Need to stop spending money on trash ass wigs. I deserve raw human hair.

What’s your favourite food? Do you have a picture?

No pictures but you see afang soup with diced kpomo and stock fish served with strong eba and chilled malt? I die there.

Where is your dream vacation destination?

I’ve always wanted to go Egypt and see the pyramids.

Within your savings period, have you ever been tempted to withdraw, if yes how many times?

Plenty times o. I’ve withdrawn a couple of times to buy food. See number 4.

What Piggybank feature do you use the most?

I use the ‘Withdrawal’ feature. Remember, food.

How exactly has Piggybank helped you?

Helped me save. I no longer impulse buy.

Has Piggybank helped you save?

A whole lot.

What do you find unique or different about the platform?

The ‘autosave’ feature. Love it a lot!


There it is guys. You too can begin to use your Piggybank.ng account to fulfill all your savings needs! Remember you can start with as low as N100/daily; and you can now set your own quarterly withdrawal dates.

Go to piggybank.ng now to get started.

Thanks for reading!

The Piggybank Team

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