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A Few Updates From Us: Quicksave, An Android App etc.

We are always working hard to make your use of the Piggybank.ng platform simpler and more seamless.

To make it even easier for you to access our services and save for your needs and the future, we’ve added a few updates.

You Can Now Quicksave From Multiple Cards

By now, you’re familiar with our Quicksave option. The Quicksave helps you instantly add extra money to your savings outside of your automated savings plan. Surprisingly, the Quicksave option is many people’s choice of saving method.

To Quicksave: you could do it from the card attached to your savings plan, or you could quicksave from an entirely new card. We are giving you options.

And great news! Verve and Diamond bank Visa cards now work for the Quicksave option, so if you use them you can now manually add funds to your Piggybank.ng account from your card.

Quicksave Dashboard

We Now Have An Android App

We are aware that seamlessness and convenience are really important properties of the services that we offer to you, so to make your experience even better, we launched the Piggybank.ng Android app.

The app is simple and easy to use, and encompasses all the functionalities of the website. You can do anything and everything with it. And all for the size of ~ 4MB of your phone space.

The app gets updated regularly so all concerns and complains are treated very quickly.

Download version 1.013 now!


And no, we have not forgotten our iOS users. The iOS app is coming soon. Maybe in a week, or far less. 😉

Top Up Your SafeLock

We explained the SafeLock feature to you, when it was launched. SafeLock is our answer to curbing the temptation to withdraw money you’ve already put into your Piggybank account. Especially when you’re saving towards a particular goal. But since then, we have added some updates to accomodate user needs.

Understandably, many people do not want to constantly create new SafeLocks everytime they want to put away money. For instance, someone saving towards buying a car will not want multiple safelocks called ‘Car’, they’ll rather top up a single, existing SafeLock.

Essentially we have made that functionality available.


So you can add money to existing SafeLocks without needing to create new ones.

PS: You Can Now Deactivate Interest

Some of you have told us that for some personal or religious reasons, you would prefer not to receive interest on your Piggybank savings.

So we have now added the option to deactivate the interest on your account.


Are there any other updates you’d like to see? Contact us on Twitter (@PiggybankNG), Email us at contact@piggybank.ng or just leave a comment here!

Until next time!


The Piggybank.ng team

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