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Here’s How The 2731 Payday QuickSave Challenge Went

On the 27thof August 2018, we asked our users to participate in a simple payday challenge. Dubbed the 2731 Payday Quicksave Challenge, we encouraged our users to save exactly N2,731 out of their monthly pay, between the 27thand the 31stof August.

And at the end of the challenge, 10 participants would be selected at random to get N10,000 airtime in their phones.

The challenge was met with huge enthusiasm from our users

And by the 31stof August, N2,731 had been saved 3,394 times! And while we originally planned to reward 10 random people, which we did…

There was a tweet we kept in mind.

So naturally, we decided to reward the 2,731stperson to save N2,731

And then, reward 10 more people who saved N2,731 the highest amount of times!

We are always exploring more avenues to help our users save more and achieve their goals; and the 2731challenge was an interesting pilot, we’re looking forward to the next challenge.

Enjoy your week, guys!

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