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#MeetAPiggybankSaver: Yemi


Every month, we shine a spotlight on one saver, asking them questions about their savings culture and how the product is specifically helping them shape how they spend and save for future responsibilities. Everyone has a different use for Piggybank, and honestly, it’s a delight!

So, here we go. Meet Yemi.


What do you do?

I’m a Tax Professional.

When did you start saving on Piggybank?

I started around January this year.

What are you saving towards?

I’m not saving towards anything in particular, I just want to diversify my saving methods.

What do you spend most of your income on?

Most of my disposable income goes to providing the things I need, paying for exams & flexing once in a while (after saving sha).

What would you like to stop spending money on?

I want to reduce how much I spend on food.

What’s your favorite food

I don’t really have a favorite food, I eat according to my mood or craving.

Where is your dream vacation destination?

I just want to explore many resorts in Lagos & Africa as a whole.

North Island resort in Seychelles

Within your savings period, have you ever been tempted to withdraw?

I haven’t been tempted this year tbh, sometimes I forget there’s money there until the deductions are made.

How many times have you withdrawn from your savings?

I only transferred from my savings to the safe lock option. I haven’t withdrawn yet.

How exactly has Piggybank helped you?

PiggyBank saved me from doing ajo (contributory savings). It’s more convenient, confidential & the chances of hearing any stories that touch is almost non-existent.

Has Piggybank actually helped you save?

Yes it has, as the deductions are made automatically. The best part is your money grows, and this will encourage one to save to get more instead of buying the next shawarma (fit fam journey begins)

What do you find unique or different about the platform?

The platform is very easy to use even for people that aren’t so tech savvy & you can change the conditions for saving and how much you save at your convenience. It’s really dope.


There it is guys. You too can begin to use your Piggybank.ng account to fulfill all your savings needs! You can start with as low as N100/daily; it’s all about building your own financial power!

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