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Piggybank X AVON HMO


This week, we announced a strategic partnership with Avon Healthcare Limited, Nigeria’s leading provider of health plans. This partnership will provide health insurance plans to our users with flexible monthly payments. This health plan called AvonFlex, is focused on affordability and flexibility for our users.

AvonFlex is an insurance plan that allows users pay for great health insurance coverage on a monthly basis instead of a yearly lump sum. With some plans starting as low as N60/daily, AvonFlex offers value, flexibility and the best option to access healthcare in Nigeria.


That all sounds great, but you might wonder, why? Well, let’s look at the stats

Did you know that less than 5% of the Nigerian population are under any sort of healthcare cover? That might not seem like a big deal, so let’s break it down even further. Out of a population of over 186 million people, less than 9.3 million people have healthcare coverage.

In addition, Nigeria is home to over 67 million youth, yet less than 1% have health insurance. It is no secret that financial services such as healthcare insurance are typically exempt and not available to millennials.

Still not sold? Did you know that frequent hospital visits for common ailments for malaria, typhoid etc are covered if you have a healthcare plan? That random accident that cost you Nxxxxx is probably covered by a healthcare plan too. Meaning you could pay significantly less each time you go to the hospital. Paying less means you have more money to save, more money to save means you’re closer to your savings goal(s).

Given this, we felt it imperative to bridge the gap, and bring such financial services to millennials who make up a huge chunk of our user base.

What does AvonFlex mean for you?

  • Best option to access healthcare anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Ultra affordable, with plans starting as low as N60/daily
  • Top value from Nigeria’s best-rated HMO
  • Easy Enrolment
  • Flexible payment structure
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Partnering with Avon Healthcare Limited to democratize payment for insurance plans was a no-brainer for us, we are constantly looking for new ways to better serve and bring millennials into these financial services. With this new partnership, our users will not only continue to save, but also have access to affordable health insurance.

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