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Piggyvest Open House 2019 Wrap Up

And it’s a wrap!! We came! We saw! We had fun!


We had the final Open house event of the year and it was an amazing experience. We had an evening of learning, food, games and…… (make a guess)… KARAOKE. Yesss!! We unleashed our Inner Adeles and Sias, hitting all the “high” notes, (no judgement zone).

If you missed out, well, here’s a little scoop.

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Let’s take it from the top.

First we had our very own Ibukun Akinola, Head, Customer Finance who took us into the world of Finance and how security works on Piggyvest. She educated us on BVN issues, reasons why accounts get flagged etc.


Next, we had the super cool Ayo Akinola, Head, Business Development who shared hacks and tricks to stay disciplined in order to meet your 2020 goals. He had three major tips which were:

  • Evaluate your spending
  • Set financial goals
  • Use the “50–30–20” rule to manage money. I. e 50% on your needs, 30% on your wants and 20% on savings.

And finally, we had the wonderful Sola Adesakin, a finance expert and C.E.O — Smart Stewards who wrapped up the learning sessions by giving us budgeting tricks and tips.

And now to the fun side of things. Parte after parte..

After the speaking sessions, our guests were welcomed to a plethora of mouthwatering food and drinks.

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While we ate and drank like royalty, there were also games and winners won cash prizes.


And oh, did we forget to mention that we had a surprise gift attached to some seats? Yes! 5 special users went home with our exquisite hampers!

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We spent the rest of the evening dancing, singing and generally just networking. It was truly a great end to a great year and we can’t wait to see what next year holds for Open House.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that showed up and we’re glad you had a good time.


There you have it! See you next year!

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