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How The Real Estate Investment Opportunities On PiggyVest Work

Saving alone won’t make you rich. Instead, you must also make your money work for you by investing in a variety of assets — our focus today being real estate. 

Real estate is responsible for the wealth of many millionaires. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Andrew Carnegie, a billionaire industrialist, said:

“90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate… The wise earners of today invest [their] money in real estate.” 

Thankfully, Investify, a PiggyVest product, makes it possible for you to join that league of wise earners with as little as ₦5,000. On Investify, there are vetted, fractional opportunities that generate capital gains, property ownership and rental income. 

Curious to know how these real estate opportunities work? Then this article is for you. 

How many real estate opportunities are available on Investify? 

Currently, we have just one opportunity: Verified Real Estate Investment in Freedom Way, Lekki by Minimalist & Co. Limited. 

What is Minimalist & Co. Limited? 

Minimalist & Co. Limited is a real estate development company that builds ultra-modern homes for professionals, businesses and high-income individuals. 

How credible are they? 

Minimalist & Co. Limited has many years of experience constructing commercial and residential buildings. They were involved in developing and constructing a certain renowned bank in Nigeria and some of its branches. They have also built many residential buildings within Lagos, with M120 Apartments being their latest project. 

You can read more about them here

What does the real estate investment in Freedom Way involve?

Trusted by over 9,000 investors, the real estate investment in Freedom Way allows you to buy affordable blocks (₦5,000/per share unit) for the 10 units of 2 bedrooms being built in Freedom Way by Minimalist & Co. Limited.

What are the benefits of the investment? 

You should consider this investment opportunity for the following reasons:

  • Capital appreciation: You can invest for capital gains and cash out when offers are available. 
  • Affordable property ownership: With fractional real estate opportunities like the one offered by Minimalist & Co. Limited, you can get part-ownership of expensive properties for as little as ₦5000. 
  • Rental income: Once you own an apartment, you can receive regular rental income based on your ownership. 

How many blocks do I need to fully own an apartment? 

20,200 blocks. 

However, you can decide to cash out with your returns when the offers are available or convert it to full ownership of the apartment. Kindly contact our customer care team ( or 070 093 393 3933) if you’re considering full ownership of an apartment. 

What’s the repayment plan like? 

Minimalist & Co. Limited will repay you with the cash flow gotten from selling the investment property. This amount will be at a higher value than you invested. 

What will my funds be used for? 

Your funds will be used towards Minimalist’s M120 project in Lekki, Lagos. 

Is the project authorised? 

Yes. The project is authorised and has all the necessary and required Lagos State building approvals, along with a team of well rounded consultants and contractors. 

How does the payout work? 

You can cash out when offers are available. You also get paid profit periodically, depending on the number of your unit shares. 

Can I sell my unit to other investors? 

Yes. You can sell your units to others anytime.

How do I calculate the returns on my investment? 

Although it sounds complicated, calculating your returns is pretty simple. All you have to do is use the formula below.

ROI= (Proceeds from Investment – Cost of Investment) ÷ Cost of Investment

For instance, if you bought ₦10k worth of blocks (2 blocks) and gain ₦13k proceeds, that will be:

(13,000 – 10,000) ÷ 10,000 = 3% returns. 

What are the risks involved? 

Please note that the risks described below aren’t all the risks relating to the real estate investment in Freedom Way, Lekki. Instead, they’re provided as general information only. 

  1. Business and operational risk: This involves loss stemming from insufficient or failed internal processes, people and systems. It might also be due to external factors affecting the company’s ability to perform its duties regarding this investment. Business-wise, there is the possibility of generating low demand for the developed properties. 
  2. Liquidity risk: This happens when there is a mismatch between the company’s inflows and outflows or the company encounters difficulty meeting obligations related to the delivery of cash or other assets. 

When will the investment offer close? 

31st October, 2022. Invest now before it gets sold out. 

How can I invest in this opportunity? 

  1. Download the PiggyVest app and sign up if you haven’t. 
  2. Visit ‘Investify’ and select ‘Explore.’ 
  3. Click the ‘Real-Estate’ category and choose ‘Verified Real Estate In Freedom Way, Lekki.’
  4. Click ‘Invest Now’ and fill in the form, choosing the number of shares to purchase and the source of funds.
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