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Online Business That Pays Daily: 7 Profitable Ideas To Try In Nigeria

Online businesses have been a part of the Internet since its early days. And today, many people — and businesses — use the internet to create, market, and sell their products or services. But are there online businesses that could pay daily in Nigeria?

The online businesses that pay daily in Nigeria include blogging, forex trading, affiliate marketing and freelancing. There’s also e-commerce, social media influencer marketing and stock trading.

So, have you been looking for an online business that pays daily in Nigeria? In this article, we explore seven of the most profitable. 

1. Blogging

Online business that pays daily — Blogging
Online business that pays daily — Blogging

Blogging is one of the top ways to make money on the internet and an excellent online business that pays daily in Nigeria. You can start today if you have excellent writing skills.

As a blogger, you’ll create engaging and exciting written content for an audience and get paid based on website traffic (if you’re running ads) or the number of subscribers your blog has (if you’re on a subscription-based platform).

You can also make money from sponsorships — especially if you have a large audience — and partner programs (like the Medium Partner Program).

Here’s how to start blogging in Nigeria: 

  1. Create an account on a self-publishing platform. The most popular options are Medium and Substack, but you can also use WordPress. Medium and Substack are especially great if you plan on making money online through subscriptions and partner programs. WordPress is perfect if you want to get paid from online ads.
  2. Set up your monetisation feature. This step will ensure your online blogging business pays you daily. You can choose any of the options above, but ensure your blogging platform is compatible with your choice.
  3. Write for an audience. You can write anything! The most important thing is to create high-quality content that your audience will read, love and share.
  4. Publish your content. Regardless of the platform you use, publishing should take a few seconds. Remember to share your published content on social media and everywhere else to get more eyeballs!
  5. Get paid daily. Withdraw your money daily or wait for the funds to accrue so you can withdraw a lump sum. It’s up to you!

The amount you’ll make from blogging depends on factors like the popularity of your blog, but it’s sure to get you your daily ₦2k if you do it right. Still, it’s so easy to get into blogging that even a university student can start it today with almost no hassle.

2. Forex trading

Online business that pays daily — Forex trading
Online business that pays daily — Forex trading

The foreign exchange market (or FX market) is a free-for-all market for trading global currencies. It’s pretty much like a traditional market — you sell, buy, and exchange items — but with currencies.

As a forex trader, you can make money by capitalising on currency demand shifts and predicting changes in currency values. You can also work alone or trade on behalf of others — even if you’re in Nigeria. This way, you can turn it into an online business that pays daily.

Here’s how to start trading forex in Nigeria:

  1. Get some forex training. Forex trading is pretty technical, and you’ll need some training to understand the system’s workings.
  2. Create a brokerage account. A brokerage account — sometimes called a securities account — is a special account you’ll need to hold, buy and sell financial assets.
  3. Establish a trading plan. As with most online businesses, you must create a top-notch trading strategy to ensure you make money from forex.
  4. Start trading. Remember to be disciplined and stick to your trading plans regardless of what happens.

These steps are a general overview if you want to start trading forex. Therefore, your journey might involve more or fewer steps.

Still, forest trading is profitable and can be a great online business that pays daily if you are disciplined, patient and willing to put in the work.

3. Affiliate marketing

Online business that pays daily — Affiliate marketing
Online business that pays daily — Affiliate marketing

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing or at least know a few friends participating in affiliate programs. But what exactly is it and how can you turn it into an online business that pays daily?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model where advertisers (brands or individuals) compensate you for marketing their products or services. In other words, they pay you for referring customers.

Here’s how to get started with affiliate marketing in Nigeria:

  1. Choose a niche that suits your talent. As an affiliate marketer, you must decide who your audience will be and what type of products you want to promote. For example, you can choose university students if you’re an undergraduate and promote savings and investment platforms.
  2. Find a platform that works for you. You can use social media, blogs, or newsletters to connect with your audience. However, ensure you pick a platform that’s accessible to your audience.
  3. Join affiliate programs. Find a program that aligns with your niche and sells products your audience will love. For example, you could partner with PiggyVest to recommend a safe and secure way for students to save in Nigeria.
  4. Create high-quality content. Your content could be videos or articles. You could even draw comics. Whatever you choose, you must create material your audience will love.
  5. Get your audience to visit your platform. This step aims to get people to see the content you’ve created to ensure they click the links or take the necessary action. You can try SEO, paid ads or direct word-of-mouth marketing to ensure they visit.
  6. Ensure people click your affiliate links. Great content sells itself, but as an affiliate marketer, you must ensure many people click your affiliate links to boost your income. You can try “hiding” the links so people don’t feel like you’re selling to them, or try placing the link in situations that might promote clicks (like at the end of an exciting sentence).
  7. Get paid. While getting many people to click affiliate links is awesome, most programs only pay you once a customer purchases. Therefore, you must ensure that the product connects with your audience.

There are many affiliate programs in Nigeria, so you should be able to find one that suits you and your audience. Still, remember to research every program to ensure they’re legit. 

4. E-commerce

Online business that pay daily — E-commerce
Online business that pays daily — E-commerce

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services using internet-based services. It includes businesses conducted over social media platforms (like TikTok and Instagram) and online marketplaces like PocketApp.

It’s a pretty straightforward way to make money and another excellent online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

Here’s how to start an E-commerce business in Nigeria:

  1. Pick a product and a target audience. It’s great if the product is in high demand, but ensure your target audience is a big enough market for the business to be profitable. For example, you can sell formal clothes if you notice a demand for them.
  2. Get a trustworthy source for your product. Ensure it’s a supplier that allows you to buy in bulk to help reduce costs. However, you should get high-quality products to ensure your customers keep coming.
  3. Create an e-commerce store. There are several excellent options, but ensure it’s a platform like the Pocket by PiggyVest App that’s easy for you and your customers to use. You can learn more about how Pocket by PiggyVest works by checking out this article.
  4. Register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The CAC manages and regulates businesses in Nigeria; registering with them legalises your e-commerce company. It also helps improve your trustworthiness with customers.
  5. Create a social media page or website. This step is optional, but having a social media presence can be helpful. You can also use your website to handle customer complaints.
  6. Buy your goods and use a reliable delivery service. Although e-commerce stores are online businesses, you’ll need an excellent delivery service that’s reliable and fast.
  7. Sell your products. Your daily sales will depend on demand, but you can make lots of money from e-commerce if you keep at it.

It’s that easy!

5. Freelancing

Online business that pay daily — Freelancing
Online business that pays daily — Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money in Nigeria today and another online business that pays daily. You can become a freelancer with in-demand skills like Web design, and it’s easy to start.

Here’s how to start freelancing in Nigeria:

  1. Choose a niche. It’s best to pick a high-paying niche but ensure you select one that fits your skills. You can also take some time to develop your skills if your talents don’t match your chosen niche.
  2. Get the necessary supplies and equipment you need for freelancing. For example, you’ll need a gimbal or tripod if you’re working as a freelance content creator. You should also get relevant software like Grammarly or Figma.
  3. Join a freelancing platform. The most popular freelancing platforms in Nigeria are Upwork and Fiverr. Both allow you to sign up for free. You can also use LinkedIn and social media if that suits you.
  4. Get clients, deliver great work and get paid. You can get paid daily, weekly, or monthly as a freelancer — it’s up to you.

You can check out this article on how to make money on Fiverr to learn more about freelancing in Nigeria.

6. Social media influencer marketing

Online business that pay daily — Social media influencer marketing
Online business that pays daily — Social media influencer marketing

Whether you decide to be a food content creator like Tosin Samuel or write viral stories like Dammypep, social media can be a great way to make money. It’s also another online business that pays daily in Nigeria — if you put in the work.

As a social media influencer, you’ll work with brands and individuals to persuade your audience to take action. It’s pretty similar to affiliate marketing, but you might get paid upfront for the work you’ll do.

Here’s how you can start social media influencer marketing in Nigeria:

  1. Select a niche. Ensure it’s one you like or understand so it’s easy to build an audience. 
  2. Choose a suitable social media platform. You can use TikTok, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat. However, you must understand how the platform works and know your audience.
  3. Create a social media account. You can create an account for free or buy an existing one. It’s up to you.
  4. Grow your followers. You can create and explore different content strategies to improve your account metrics. But you must optimise your online presence by posting original content to ensure it’s easy for your target audience and brands in your niche to find you.
  5. Reach out to brands. You can reach out to brands for partnerships or wait for them to contact you. 
  6. Get paid. Like freelancing, how you get paid as a social media influencer is totally up to you. In fact, it’s possible to get multiple payments in one day if you do it right.

Social media influencer marketing is profitable and can make you a lot of money. However, it takes time to grow an account and build your brand.

Still, it might be perfect for you if you already have a sizable following on social media.

7. Stock trading

Online business that pay daily — Stock trading
Online business that pays daily — Stock trading

Stock trading and forex trading share many similarities — but they’re distinct businesses. As a stock trader, you’ll make money from buying and selling shares of a listed company instead of the currency market.

However, like forex, trading stocks is an excellent online business that pays daily in Nigeria.

Here’s how to start trading stocks in Nigeria:

  1. Research on the stock market. You can take a short course, read books or try YouTube.
  2. Choose a stockbroker or trading platform. Stockbrokers are experts who act as traders’ agents and do the actual buying and selling of stocks. You can also use platforms like Bamboo to start trading stocks in Nigeria, and the best one to use depends on your needs and skill level.
  3. Deposit money in your account and start trading. The exact steps to deposit money depend on your trading platform, but you’ll likely use United States Dollars (USD).
  4. Make money. Withdraw your profits and pay yourself or keep trading.

It’s really that easy!


Still, it’s important to note that while you could make money using any of these seven surefire methods, you could also lose money if you’re not careful — especially if you’re considering forex trading.

Therefore, taking profits often and developing sound financial practices like saving and investing using PiggyVest is a great idea.

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